The Borrowers

Several items in my home have come up mysteriously missing.  Cannot find them.  Anywhere.

Three weeks ago, I completely reorganized the cabinet that houses my pots and pans.  I stacked them all up, nesting them inside one another from largest first, to smallest inside.  I counted them.  I shined them.  I admired how neat and tidy they all looked there.  A few days later, the largest one could not be found anywhere.  This is the pot I use for EVERYTHING.  It’s the perfect size for a double batch of spaghetti sauce, mashed potatoes, or a big pot of my magic chicken soup that I make when kids get the crud.  It’s gone.  I would not give this pot away, and I still have the lid, so I know I didn’t TAKE it somewhere, though to be sure, my husband instructed me to call my adult children, just in case I had a memory lapse.  They laughed.  Of course they didn’t have it, and wished me luck finding it.  I looked in every single room in this house, in corners, in bedrooms, under bathroom vanities (desperation setting in), even in the garage.  Nada. Even St. Anthony’s intercession hasn’t helped.  It’s been MIA for two weeks now, I have NO IDEA where this stupid pot is.

Yesterday, makeup was missing out of my bathroom…things that my daughters don’t use, and did not have in their bathroom…again, nowhere to be found.  My youngest daughter quipped that maybe we had some “Borrowers” living in our walls, and all our missing things are in the same place.  I love the way she thinks.  As a gradeschool kid, I loved the story of “The Littles”, a family of little people with tails that lived inside the walls of  “the Bigs”, and used the tin can elevator, and assorted items from the home of  the Big’s family for their many adventures.  I wonder how they managed to lift that heavy pot, and where they are keeping it, and what in the world they needed my makeup for? 

The Littles


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