Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Briana.  Seventeen years ago today, God blessed our little family of four with a sweet baby girl.  We learned that day that God is our Great Physician and our Deliverer.  I have told people that the doctor got paid for the job, but God is the One who did the work. 

I have a theory, that God is the one who picks our names, and that he places those names on the heart of the parents.  God knows the end from the beginning, and named you appropriately.  Briana Lorain = Strong woman of courage.  You have always been strong.  The nurses and doctors who provided well child checks commented on your strength, as you pushed your legs against their hands, or squeezed their hands.  And you definitely were courageous.  I used to worry that you seemed to have no fear, and often placed yourself in dangerous positions.  You climbed before you walked, bookshelves, chairs to counters, counters to tops of refrigerators, up slides so that you could JUMP off instead of slide down.  You made my heart stop on more than one occasion, and a broken collarbone went undiagnosed because the doctor concluded an x-ray would be impossible and probably unnecessary considering your ability to use all your limbs to fight off the emergency staff. Similarly, we are still shaking our heads over a fractured L-5 that happened in the past and healed on its own, without our knowledge of a problem. 

What a joy to see your courage and strength develop in your spiritual life.  You have never been one to just go along to get along, and your fortitude and sense of purpose is evident to those around you; an example to young eyes that watch you.  Memories of heartrending prayers for you flash through my mind, as lyrics from “Love Song for a Savior” echo back the answer.

Strong woman of courage.  I love you, Briana Lorain.  I’m blessed to have you call me Momma.


Car accident.
Sick kids.
Grieving kids.
Dishonest dealings.
Total upheaval.

Blessings in the middle of it all, like a ray of sunshine on a dark stormy day:

Hugs from kids.
Grandbaby smiles.
Replaced car with a practically new one…only 55,000 miles, still has the new car smell.  Mmmmm!
Anticipation for a fresh start and a long distance move.
Unexpected benevolence.
Seeing God’s hand in the details of it all.