It’s been a month since my last post.  In the midst of packing, moving, and getting acquainted with family on my husband’s side, I had forgotten about my blog.  It desperately needs some attention, there is much to share, and now that I’m on an imposed “vacation” (i.e. I am not allowed to work until paperwork and proper permission is acquired), I have something in abundance I didn’t have before; time.

My husband’s mother passed away in 2009, during which time he was able to visit his childhood home in P.E.I. Canada.  Each trip home left him feeling more homesick, and he started looking into the possibility of moving back.  He learned at that time that he was eligible for citizenship, and started the procedure of claiming it.  To make a long boring story short, he was granted citizenship, and we took the plunge, leaving our Idaho home and two grown kids with spouses and children behind.  We left from Northern Idaho after Mass on May 1, and arrived at the home of Kevin’s sister in Cornwall, PEI on May 14.  It’s a lot of changes for me, and our two girls.  Kevin is glad to be back, has already enjoyed his favorite chicken curry and trivia night at his dad’s favorite hangout “The Churchill Arms”, a quaint English pub in the heart of downtown Charlottetown.  For him, change is good, and came at a much needed time.  For the girls and I, it’s hard, and is taking too long to feel settled.  We are learning anew that age old lesson that we thought we had down of “waiting”.  It is a hard one, and while I know it develops patience and other wholesome qualities, I’m tiring of it quickly, and long to have my own stuff, in my own place, in my own time.  I miss my kids and their kids and sometimes I wonder if we made the wrong move…then I remember what I know:  God is gracious, and He’s good, everything I want is not always best for me, and I can trust Him to provide what I need when I need it, in His time.

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  1. I admire you for following God even when your feelings have to be sooo strong in the other direction. I'll continue to pray that through God's mercy and grace you can learn to love all that He has laid out before you. HUGS

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