Mexican Pot Roast

I was out of several ingredients I needed for Mexican Meat Mix


so I improvised with what I had on hand, and it was delicious!

Pork roast (the one we had was a cheap rib roast, so bones had to be removed when it was cooked)
2 cans green chilis, chopped
1 large can black beans
1/2 jar medium salsa

Cook the roast on high for four-five hours, remove bones, shred meat and add green chilis, salsa, and beans, Reduce heat to warm and cook until heated through, maybe 15-30 minutes. Serve over hot rice, top with cheese, salsa, (and sour cream if you have it, we didn’t and it was fantastic anyhow…I’m sure it’s even better with a dollop of sour cream!)

YUUUUUMMMMMMMM…I thought I’d made enough for significant leftovers, but my crew went back for seconds and thirds and Kevin took a container for his dinner at work….there was enough leftover for two of us for lunch…Next time I’m going to have to tweak this one to make it stretch.  I’ll add a second can of beans, and increase the salsa.  Also, ideally, I’d have added onions, but we were out.  Even so, as it was, it was a hit with the family, I’ll do it again 🙂