Identifying with Moses

Today I’m reminded of Exodus 17.  In a way, I feel I’ve walked through a similar plot…children of Israel being led through the desert, with enemies that want to ruin them, and the Lord coming through right on time, with another miraculous victory.

I’ve long identified with the wilderness experience of the Israelites, suffering through the desert on their way to the promised land.  I’ve felt like one of them, grumbling and complaining along my journey, regretting coming at all, begging to go back, even questioning God.  Only yesterday, did I get to identify with Moses.

Through a series of disappointments, frustrations, and injustices, God orchestrated events in a way that allowed us to defend ourselves and laid us on the hearts of friends who took it as their duty to hold our hands up with words of encouragement and various forms of assistance. 

Today we are thanking God for his timing, provision, and love.  We are especially grateful for dear friends and family who offer unconditional love and support in difficult times.

Moses built an altar and called it “The LORD is my Banner”.  He said, “Because hands were lifted up to the throne of the LORD”  Exodus 17:15, 16