…and the walls came tumbling down


This week, in my favorite devotional, I’m realizing the difference between relying on my own effort to accomplish what I think is the will of God, compared to His way.  It’s heart-rending, I stand convicted of trying to do His will in my own strength, instead of resting in what He is doing, and waiting on Him.

Straining, driving effort does not accomplish the work God gives man to do. Only God Himself, who always works without strain, and who never overworks, can do the work that He assigns to His children. When they restfully trust Him to do it, it will be well done and completely done.

I’ve had this deep down feeling for the past couple weeks, that God is moving.  Not in the same way that we know He moves, because He is always accomplishing His will in our lives, but moving, in our situation…more like He’s already moved, already accomplished a wonderful thing for us, in this place we find ourselves.  Yet, for now, we are seeing it with our heart and soul, but not yet with our eyes.  It feels like we are waiting for Him to show us what He’s done.  It sounds  weird, and makes sense in my head, but not in the words that I use in my attempt to explain it.  Because I’m in a hurry to see Him move, because I’m tired of waiting, because I want to see this victory that I believe He has promised, I am trying to “help” the process along.  Reminding, nagging, crying, wishing, wanting…but still I don’t see victory, instead, I’m filled with angst, and frustration, and I’ve worn myself out.

On the heels of yesterday’s message from the Lord, came today’s.

The shout of steadfast faith is in direct contrast to the moans of wavering faith, and to the wails of discouraged hearts. Among the many “secrets of the Lord,” I do not know of any that is more valuable than the secret of this shout of faith. The Lord said to Joshua, “See, I have given into thine hand Jericho, and the king thereof, and the mighty men of valour.” He had not said, “I will give,” but “I have given.” It belonged to them already; and now they were called to take possession of it. But the great question was, How? It looked impossible, but the Lord declared His plan. …it was the shout of a faith which dared, on the authority of God’s Word alone, to claim a promised victory, while as yet there were no signs of this victory being accomplished. And according to their faith God did unto them; so that, when they shouted, He made the walls to fall.

I’m getting the distinct urging in my spirit to start thanking God, and praising Him, in faith…without sight, for what he has accomplished.  It truly feels like the work is done, and I can rest in it, and am being told to rest in it.  It doesn’t make sense to my flesh, and I’m not sure exactly how to accomplish it, but I know in my spirit it’s true, and I will obey to the best of my ability.