Through a glass darkly


My daughter took this picture, and I think there is something profound about it. 

Right now, happiness seems elusive, like we’re watching it in the rearview mirror.  Our recent circumstances cause us to look back to a happier time, wishing for those carefree, sunshiny days.  It reminds me of 1 Corinthians 13:12, seeing things through a glass darkly.  Longing for the day when we’ll see our journey with that 20/20 perspective that is hindsight.

I’m getting a sense though, that God put a little message into this picture for us, and I believe it, with all my heart!  Look at the words on the mirror; Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

Thanking Him while we wait!  Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

One year ago this weekend

I can’t believe it’s been a year since the day we should have died.  I didn’t know how to post pictures back then, so you can see the wonder of it all now.  (Plus, it’s a little bit less traumatic looking back on it, than it was being there).

We hit the poor guy pretty much head on, causing him to roll up onto the hood, and smash right into the passenger side window.  From the inside I watched in fright as the window bowed in, bending and crackling.

  I don’t know why this picture is so little, but here you can see the bowl shape of the windshield.

Side view…he was a big animal.

Here are a couple pictures of the hair he left embedded in our car.  I wish I’d have taken a picture of the elk, he was a big guy for sure.  We hit him with such force that it split his antler and threw it off in another direction, the vet student found it aways off from his resting place.

front of the car with elk hair.

Thank God for airbags!  This is what my side of the interior looked like after.  I cannot believe we walked away from that without one scratch!  At one point, I noticed glass in my mouth (!), but no cuts, no bruises, just very wobbly-kneed right at first then a little sore the next day.

I wrote two blog posts about this incident, you can read them here and here if you’re so inclined.