The Sign of the Cross


I found a great post explaining the sign of the cross that we Catholics use in our worship and prayer time.  As a new Catholic, I find this article very helpful, and would love to see a pamphlet made with this information in it.  In fact, I may copy the little chart to carry along with me in my Bible.  What a beautiful picture of our faith in God and our consecration to Him and His will.

Essentially, the author lists six truths about the sign of the cross over a child of God. (I’m paraphrasing because it helps me remember when I’ve put it in my own words.)

First, it is a profession of faith in God.  I love how the author of this article refers to it as a “mini creed”, a statement of belief in the Godhead; “In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit”.

Second, it is a reminder of our baptism.  The day we died to sin, and were raised to life in Him.

Third, it is a declaration of our loyalty to Christ, and our recognition that we are not our own, we are bought with a price, and we now belong to Christ.

Fourth, it is a picture of taking up our cross and following Him.  A visible declaration of our understanding and affirmation that suffering is part of the process.

Fifth, the sign of the cross is a defense against the devil, and an offensive move against the enemy’s advances.

Sixth, it’s a sign of putting off the flesh, and putting on Christ.  (Reminds me of this post), it’s a picture of Christ’s victory over the devil, and our victory over the desires of the flesh.

I plan to use this little list in my personal prayer time, as a tool for meditation, and a way to firmly set the mental images of these six wonderful truths on my mind and heart.

Go read the whole article.  You will be blessed, and may find it helpful for your own prayer time.