Not Forgotten

Can a mother forget her infant,
be without tenderness for the child of her womb?
Even should she forget,
I will never forget you. ~ Isaiah 49:15

I love this precious promise.  We as humans tend to forget things…especially difficult things that we don’t want to remember, we tend to shove them to the back of our brain, maybe intending on dealing with them later, maybe sometimes, not.  But not God.  Our Heavenly Father knows what we have need of.  He sees our plight, He understands our weaknesses, and He never pushes us to the back of His priorities.  In His time, He provides for our needs, He comes alongside to comfort us, and strengthen us, encouraging us to continue on in our journey.  Often, he sends companions for us along the way.

This has been one of those weeks.  In my entire walk with God, I cannot remember another time when I’ve had as many peaks and valleys in my faith.  I know He was telling me to take courage, and watch for His hand, to be still, to rest from my anxieties and trust Him to do what He promised.  I know I heard Him say “it’s done, thank me”, and “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”, and I did thank Him, and I did believe Him.  With all my heart, I believed what He was whispering to my heart.  But the pressures of the day, and my impatience to make my walk of faith one of sight, and my frustration with a God that wouldn’t be put into my little box got the better of me, and I wavered in doubt and unbelief,over and over again.


And, because God never forgets, and because I needed a little encouragement, He introduced me to St. Therese of Lisieux.  (If you’ve never heard of this sweet young saint, I encourage you to get acquainted with her.  Wikipedia  is a good starting place with lots of links to follow if you’re interested.)  Learning about the childlike faith in her “Little Way” was just what I needed, and my heart is strengthened by her example, even through loss, sickness, and death.  And I have this sense, in what I have learned of her, that she is aware, and praying for me, a new friend, with her now perfect childlike faith.

A couple interesting trivial points, St. Therese shares my mother in law’s name “Mary Teresa/Marie Therese”, and Therese’s childhood home was named Les Buissonnets, which is translated “The Hedges” (which happens to be my name).  I’ve heard it said that saints sometimes pick us, I’m starting to get that sense here.