Hold On

“Hold on, my heart, in thy believing–
The steadfast only wins the crown;
He who, when stormy winds are heaving,
Parts with its anchor, shall go down;

But he who Jesus holds through all,
Shall stand, though Heaven and earth should fall.

“Hold out! There comes an end to sorrow;
Hope from the dust shall conquering rise;
The storm foretells a summer’s morrow;
The Cross points on to Paradise;

The Father reigneth! cease all doubt;
Hold on, my heart, hold on, hold out.”

I have to say, my heart is tired. My faith is worn.  Grief has made made me weary, and waiting has taken it’s toll.  Dashed hopes and disappointments have beaten down this once strong, trusting heart.  I want to give up, go to sleep for six weeks and re-evaluate things then.  In my heart and soul, I still know that God is in control, He is our Provider and He loves me.  Deadlines loom, and still, we don’t see the provision for what needs to be done.  My mind questions His methods, and wars with my spirit and my resolve to do God’s will.

This poem from Streams in the Desert gives me encouragement to continue on, trust, knowing that God carries us through these storms, and it won’t last forever.

“The Father reigneth!  Cease all doubt; Hold on, my heart, hold on, hold out.”

2 comments on “Hold On

  1. I can understand why you and your faith are tired but don’t give up now. He is still faithful although He’s taking a long time to reveal some of his plans.
    Your faithfulness to Him teaches me daily. Thank you.

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