Dark Tunnels

from Corrie Ten Boom's fb page

It’s been a dark year.  It’s been a year full of shocking disappointments, dashed hopes, and deep sorrow.  But it’s also been a year of learning to be still and know God; a year of practical application of all those Bible studies on waiting on the Lord, trusting in Him, and how to respond to suffering for His sake.

How many times I’ve wanted to “throw away the ticket and jump off” of this rollercoaster ride that has become my norm.  Had I done that when I first wished to,  I would not know the comfort of my Lord’s sweet consolations to me in the quietness of the nighttime.  I wouldn’t know, from experience what it is to walk by faith.  I would not have entered into the depths of God’s love and tender mercy that has been poured out, along with the peace that surpasses our understanding.  It’s been a long train ride, but tunnels eventually lead to light, as sure as morning follows night.