Why don’t you live like you believe it?

Hey you! 

Yes, you…the one wearing the name “Christian”.  You, you, and you.  The ones who say “Jesus is coming back”, “We are in the end times”, and “Jesus loves you”.

Do you really believe what you are saying to the world?  Do you really even hear yourself? 

If what you say is true, why are you bitter and angry?  Why do you rip your brother or sister to shreds with your words?  Where is your love?  If your life contradicts the words your mouth pours forth, can I trust your testimony at all?

When Jesus walked the earth, He loved.  He didn’t just command that we do so too, He gave us an example to follow, and He even went so far to say that this is how the world would know we belong to Him; that is, our love for one another.  Jesus emptied Himself and poured Himself into those he loved; He forgave them, healed them, ministered to them, and ultimately died for them.  If your love has grown cold to your brother or sister, if you are resentful, abusive, filled with anger and hateful words, or neglecting the needs of your own, you are not known for your love, but for your apathy and animosity.  Your words are a clanging noise, your actions are screaming that you believe otherwise.

And the world is watching you.  They listen to your words, and they watch how you interact with your family, friends, neighbors, and enemies.  They are looking for authenticity, and you are so busy seething over perceived wrongs, that you can’t adequately minister hope to anyone, because you don’t have any even for yourself.