No strings attached

Sometimes I think I have a handle on all the emotions that accompanied me when I was “there” in our desert times, and sometimes, a simple word spoken in due season can, and will unleash a torrent of tears with no warning.

I was visiting this morning with a dear friend regarding this blog post and a little later this one.  It brought to mind a time when we were shown true Christian love by people who did not see fit to judge our humble circumstances, who were not afraid to give generously, or help us out.  Not once did we hear accusations of being lazy, or good for nothing.  Not once were we subjected to a sermon on “if you don’t work, you don’t eat”, or criticized for not having a plan.  We were simply loved.  And that love was shown to us through the working out of a deep faith, into food, and financial assistance to get us where we were going.

And as we chatted about how this challenged us, how this is what we are called to be, and this is how we want to be;


and giving.

Without fear.

Without judgment.

Just full of real charity, loving a person right where they are, without expectation, without embarrassment, without strings.