Great thoughts to go along with mine on suffering. Be blessed.

My kids are peaches!

They are.  I knew that, but it’s always fun when someone else, who is not related to me by blood (though I feel a deep connection with her in the Lord…a “kindred spirit” if you will) compliments me with such words.

See…I get to take a trip.  Not just ANY trip, I get to take a trip to see my adult children, one of whom I will not have seen for a little over a year, and two of whom I haven’t seen since we left Idaho in May of 2011.  Since that time, I have accumulated two more granddaughters (who I have only seen via Skype and fb), and will be present for the births of my next two “Grammy Rewards”, both boys this time.

My son and his wife, and my daughter and her husband have pooled their resources together to “give themselves the gift” of my presence for an entire month.  We are not in a place to afford this luxury for me at this time, and I am both humbled and overjoyed at the prospect.  I am waiting with anticipation to see the blessing that comes back on them for their generous spirits and love in action.