BYOC–Bring your own chair

We had our first BYOC game night here last night.  My daughter said “what a nice way of saying we’re so broke we can’t even offer you a place to sit, you have to bring your own” LOL.  Truth is, we don’t have room in this tiny duplex to store extra chairs, and it makes cleanup so much faster and easier…everyone pitches in and half of the stuff is completely removed at the end of the night…win/win!

It was so much fun.  I made a pot of chili and everyone brought something to accompany it…enough to share.  We had cookies and candy galore (I’m thinking my plans to lose weight are being sabotaged, but gladly played along for the sake of “fellowship”), and played farkle, a variation of a dice game we learned when we were kids.

I have a special journal for our game nights.  We keep score on one side of the page, and on the other, everyone gets to doodle and record funny moments from the night’s happenings.


We had “red solo cups” and everything!

These are the things that memories are made of.  I love these kids, and am enjoying getting to know them better.  I am so thankful that God gave us the opportunity to spend some time down here, and am going to miss them terribly when He moves us on.

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