New Things This Week (ending 3/16)

This has been a mellow/melancholic week at New Things.

I’m still learning balance, and boundaries, and have not quite attained either yet.  I have both a fix-it mentality as well as an empathetic spirit, this is a blessing and a curse (as Monk would say) but mostly a curse.  When someone I love hurts, I ache physically with them.  This causes me to jump into business that is not my own, and try to fix things that I have no business (or know-how) trying to fix.  Of course, if I could just remember to listen and pray, and restrain myself from butting in, I’d have a lot less regrets, and a lot more peace…and I’d hurt less people in the process.  I pray for those that I have wounded in my eagerness and zeal, that they would see my heart, bear with my failures and forgive me.  Hopefully, I learn something from the failure, and pick myself up and try to do better next time.

In The News

After just five conclave votes, we have a new Pope.  I love that he was selected on 3-13-13…do you see the Holy Trinity in this number?  Another cool number thing…he is the 365th successor to Peter…those numbers also add up to 13.  I have a thing for numbers, and I love it when they play nice for me 🙂    I think it’s very interesting and a little funny that so few knew anything about him.  I’ve found several stories about him, and it’s clear that this man walks the talk…doesn’t put on any airs, looked genuinely surprised and humbled to be chosen by the conclave, and immediately gave such a beautiful example of humility and grace when he asked for the crowd to pray for him before he spoke his words of blessing on them.  What a beautiful spirit.

And the more I read, the more I love him.  His genuine love for others that results in service to them.  His connection with the people around him, being one of them, not above paying his own tab and packing his own clothes…not above using public transit…like one of the people.

Photo is from Father Piotr W. Wiśniowski (cyber-missionary)’s facebook page.

What I’m reading this week:

One of my online friends sent me a package of books that arrived last weekend.  I’m enjoying “The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic” by Matthew Kelly, as well as the YouCat (Youth Catechism).  I do so love the format, and readability of the YouCat, it may become one of the most used resources on my bookshelf.

Recommended Reads:

Catholic Answers takes on faith and works…one of the several blog posts I’ve been working on for my Baltimore Catechism series…very well done!

Book of Harmony  This is a brilliant post by Clotilda Jamcracker.  I have blogger envy, and seriously need to write my own book of harmony, and memorize it, so I have a word in due season!  I tried to follow this blog, but my reader says it can’t find an RSS feed for that blog, bummer!

The Daily Readings of the Catholic Church…a vital part of my daily quiet time with the Lord.

In My Spare Time

Still walking, weather permitting.  This week has been nice, and I’ve gotten out for walks as well as a hike around my sister’s property, and part of a Saturday work day at her place.  Today we helped plant onions and potatoes in their huge garden.  It will be nice to watch it grow, and enjoy the fruit of our labors.

I’m learning how to concentrate better in prayer, and meditate on God’s Word.  My thoughts are easily distracted, especially in prayer, and it has been helpful for me to have some online help in this area.  These links have been a tremendous help in keeping my mind focused and moving in the right direction, you might find them helpful as well:

Come Pray the Rosary  This is a link to a site where you can pray along in real time with others, or individually if you’d rather.  There are beautiful relevant pictures from the Holy Land that are a huge help for me to focus and meditate on the sacred mysteries.

The Angelus Prayer An online reading of the Angelus.  Beautiful.  I love the Scripture that is recited in this.

The Divine Mercy Prayer in a Song  I could listen to this all through the day, it really helps to relax me and focus on the Body of Christ, His Passion and His mercy.  Just beautiful.

On My Prayer List This Week:

My dear reader, SR at Being Faithful to Grace, is caring for her mother who has dementia.  She has been on my heart and in my prayers frequently this week.

Thank you for your prayers for me this past week.  I woke up the other morning with the thought/prayer running through my head, that I am bought with a price, my body is not mine, but the Lord’s…and He is perfectly capable of bringing beautiful things out of a sore arm, or to heal it if He chooses.  I gave this arm and its pain and swelling to Him to do as He pleases.  When it hurts, I try to remember to offer it up as a sacrifice of praise.  It is still sore and a little swollen, but I have regained a little bit of the range of motion that I had lost, for which I am so grateful.  It also has begun to itch under the skin at the site of the original injury.  I hope that is a good sign, that maybe there is healing happening there now.  We’ll see.  I’d still appreciate prayers if you are so inclined.

That’s about it from this end.  Have a good weekend!








4 comments on “New Things This Week (ending 3/16)

  1. Lyn, I find we are often too hard and critical of ourselves, and the short time I’ve known you, in fact, we are still learning about one another. I see a compassionate soul as well as person who has passion for her faith.

    I too am falling in Love with our new Pope. He is a gentle, kind soul and I happily await his style of leading Gods large flock of Christians.

    • Thank you, Debbie. I try to take a balanced view of myself, and call it like I see it. I don’t usually stay down for long and am quick on the rebound. I just want to please God, and I am painfully aware when I do not. I do care deeply for people, and am learning how to do that without overstepping my bounds.

      I am more and more impressed with Pope Francis, as I learn more about him. I love that he is firm on the issues while remaining gentle and humble. I look forward to learning more about him and watching to see what his style of leadership is going to accomplish as far as setting an example for the church. What an exciting time to be a new Catholic!

  2. Hi Lyn, I thought about you today and sent some prayers your way during the Saturday Vigil Mass. What brought you to mind, you might ask: the reading from Scripture was Isaiah, and “your” verses about new things were proclaimed.

    Loved the bit about the numbers. Have a blessed week.

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