Our Lady Undoer of Knots

I happened upon this Novena yesterday, and have seen it come up twice today.  I will begin this novena tonight for a knot that has developed in our family over the years.

Have you ever heard of this novena?

3 comments on “Our Lady Undoer of Knots

    • I identified so much with her. I was reminiscing with my second daughter about all the tied up things they would bring to me, shoes, ribbons, and necklaces…that they would just give up, and hope that I could undo for them. That’s how I feel in this particular situation, done trying to do it myself, and just handing it over.

  1. Truly a nice and truthful way to look at it Lyn. Our Blessed Mother is always so willing to love and help us. She holds a very special place in my life. She has untied many knots for me. She has a way of keeping me steady to my path, or steering me back to it, when I fall off of track. You can never fail in going to her for help. God Bless, SR

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