Weekly Recap – Saturday, March 23

We live in a very small southern town in the middle of the Bible Belt and attend Mass an hour’s drive from here.  As a result of this dynamic, I’ve felt a little dry inside for fellowship and personal involvement.  After several brainstorming sessions and  discussions with some of my online friends, I got up the nerve to send a letter to the head of the women’s ministry there.  I let her know of our circumstances, and my desire to be involved, even if not in person.  I have purposed in my heart to pray for the priests who minister there, as well as their RCIA and RE teachers and leaders.  Imagine my surprise when first thing the very next morning, I received an answer back from this lady, welcoming me and wanting to meet in person next week.  I am praying that the Lord will open the doors that need to be opened for me to be involved in some sort of ministry there.

What I’m reading:

Still perusing through the YouCat.  I wish I’d have had something like this to walk me through my faith as a teenager.  I highly recommend it to you who have teen-aged kids.

Passing it on—stuff I enjoyed this week on the web

Six things I didn’t learn in Church – resonated with me, and I had to share!

We The Undersigned – Catholic Women Rising has a place where Catholic women can affirm their support of Church teaching on issues relating to sexuality, contraception, abortion, marriage and the male priesthood.

Living In Graceland warmed my heart with the thought of writing a Message to My Younger Momma Self .  Read it.  She hit the nail on the head!

Sola Scriptura debate between Pat Donahue and John Martignoni

Coming This Week

I’m still plugging through my friend’s questions regarding the Baltimore Catechism, and Catholic vs. Protestant teachings.  Watch for Thursday’s installment on my Baltimore Catechism’s series, Faith and Works…a continuation of my thoughts from Baptism and Salvation.  When I get to the end of those questions, I’ve decided to start back at the beginning of the Baltimore Catechism, and go through it lesson by lesson…I’ll add my thoughts, including how I was taught as a Protestant to interpret the Scriptures regarding those lessons, as well as the Church’s official teaching (passed down for the past 2000 years).  It’s a little bit funny, and very, very interesting how the Scriptures come alive…how many I find that were either not taught at all, or at the least were downplayed and taught as inconsequential or shrugged of completely by the churches I attended before becoming Catholic.

This Week’s Prayer List

For our priests and religious educators, to be able to effectively communicate the gospel, and for hearts to be open and ready to receive their words.

For gracious words to those who disagree or misunderstand us.  For forgiving hearts and a spirit of love and unity.

That we would be good stewards of what we are given, and make wise decisions with the options we are given, and be found faithful.

For gracious words, peaceful thoughts, and a grateful heart.

Have a great weekend, y’all.




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