Just For Today, Lord

Last March, I copied this prayer into my little prayer book that I carried with me everywhere…I’m not sure where I found it, or who initially wrote it, but it was so good, in my own prayer time, my heart echoed it’s cry.  I hope it blesses you as much as it did me.  And, if you know who I can credit, please share.

Lord, for tomorrow and its needs, I do not pray; 
Keep me, my god from stain of sin, just for today.
Let me both diligently work, and duly pray;
Let me kind in word and deed, just for today.
Let me be slow to do my will and prompt to obey;
Help me to mortify my flesh, just for today.
Let me no wrong or idle word unthinking say;
Set a seal upon my lips, just for today.
Let me in season, LORD, be grave, in season, gay
Let me be faithful to your grace, just for today.
And if today, my tide of life should ebb away,
Give me your sacraments divine, LORD, today.
So for tomorrow and its needs I do not pray.
But keep me, guide me, love me, LORD.  Just for today.
By New Things Posted in Poetry

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