Live blog #1

We will sleep in shifts.  My daughter took a nap, and while she slept, I scoped out the place the best I could from my vantage point.  I found several outlets (that she had told me there were none of), one just one row over.  As soon as she woke up, we moved all our stuff over there and plugged in…this way she can charge her phone and I can blog and play on facebook.

I said I’ve so far seen a couple or three “familiar faces” here.  Right now, I’m on the verge of tears, because sitting right across from me is a sweet middle-aged couple who remind me so much of my own parents.  The man is a hefty man with a deep voice, and a kind smile.  Every once in awhile, we make eye contact, then look away awkwardly.  I wonder who I remind him of.

His wife just joined him, put on her readers and pulled out her tablet.  I am sure that if Mom had lived to now, she would have one of these and play her games while she waited for her flight.



3 comments on “Live blog #1

  1. I wish it was DFW where you were stuck. ‘Cause I’d bundle you up and you’d be here instead – 15 minutes away from the airport and able to sleep.

    • 🙂 That would be awesome, Kat. Oh well…I just cannot get over the thought that God is in control. I’m watching the news reports with trepidation to try to figure out what the big deal was that God needed me here for…

      so far, He’s quiet, and I just know that He knows, and it’s all good, and that’s enough for now.

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