Live blog 3

I am so tired.

I slept for about an hour, but I did not rest.

I woke up to telephone conversations on either side of me, mingling into one mixed up story in my head, lol.  Once I was awake, I became aware of a situation over at Customer Service, there was a very angry man (possibly drunk or on drugs…or maybe just overtired like me).  I thought at a couple points he was going to slug the service rep.  He finally demanded to have the reps name, at which point he became enraged, claiming the rep swore obscenities at him.  He finally stormed off shouting the F word, and security showed up a few minutes later.

I can’t imagine what set him off, but he didn’t feel he was getting what he needed from customer service, and I couldn’t hear what they said to him, but I pray to God they didn’t drop the F bomb at him like he claimed.  What an unhappy person.

Going to try to sleep again…appreciate the prayers 🙂


3 comments on “Live blog 3

    • We made it. Misery loves company, and the two of us had some fun times, in spite of the disappointment and wait. It was a day of memory making, for sure. Thanks for the visit and comments, Marilyn.

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