Live blogging Prelude

May 1.

We got up at 3am, got showers and coffee, then loaded up the car to head out for our flight to the Northwest.  All was
perfectly on track, until about halfway there, traffic stopped.

Prayers commenced.

Traffic was at a standstill for 90 minutes,

Tears commenced….prayers continued…a little more desperate now.

See, I’ve been planning, and pining, and waiting for this day.  I get to fly to my daughter’s home to assist her and my daughter in law who are both delivering babies this month.  I haven’t seen them for two years, two of my grandchildren, I haven’t even met yet, and the other was just a tiny infant when we told them goodbye and headed for Canada.

After a gruelling 90 minutes, traffic cleared, and by breaking the speed limit, we were able to make the airport with about 40 minutes to departure time.


But, hope springs eternal, and we gave it our all.

Security was PAINFULLY slow.  I have never in my life seen so many people who cannot follow simple directions! Mommas, please, teach your children how to listen…and how to do what they are told, they may need it one day.  There were about 200 people going through security at the same time as we, and for some reason all the other lines were clicking through quickly and relatively painlessly, except ours.  One hold up after another.

Finally made it through security and made a run for our departure gate.

We missed it by five minutes.  The plane was gone, and we were directed to Customer Service.

More tears…followed by a deep peace, and words ringing echoing through my mind that I didn’t put there, but they brought comfort, nonetheless.  “Jesus, I trust in you”

Anita at customer service tried to reroute us same day, but each attempt was met with no empty seats on one connecting
flight or another.  On to Plan B.  We are camping out in the airport…but before you feel too sorry for me, keep in mind,
one of my favoritest things to do is to watch/study people…and what better place to do so, than an airport.  So far,
I’ve seen the double for my daughter’s father-in-law, and an elderly version of a former boss of mine, who, incidentally
appears to be married to the husband of one of my dear Invisible friends.  I feel like I’m in the twilight zone, lol.

Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be some fun stuff.

6 comments on “Live blogging Prelude

  1. God made it pretty clear He didn’t want y’all traveling today, didn’t He? Keep up with the updates. Something amazing is going to happen.

  2. Yup. I’m waiting for my divine appointment. Forgot to mention that before getting held up in traffic, the song by Wayne Watson “For such a time as this” was running through my head, and I was mentally singing along. “I am here, I am here, and I am His…for such a time as this”.

  3. Sorry to hear that you missed the flight. Maybe God saved you from something horrible? It is self-evident that God had different plans than you did. Be safe and God Bless.

  4. Hey Lyn,

    Sorry you missed your flight, but knowing you, I am sure you are making the best of it! Have a great time and hug those babies for me! 🙂 God Bless, SR

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