Things overheard in an airport


“No, no, baby…you gotta stay here with Momma…sit right here, no, come back here…do you want a cookie?”

“How may I help you?”

“It’s cruel to travel all day with young children”

“It will be interesting to see all the good things that come from this.” (funny, this was one end of a telephone conversation in the seat behind me…I could have said the same thing after today.)

“I didn’t know he drove a Mustang, who drives a Mustang?”

Tiny Asian lady (with strong Asian accent) waving her arms like an Italian, directing people through security.  She only stood about 4 and a half feet tall, but boy did she pack the personality!

Workman in hardhat, talking on telephone “yeah.  uh-huh.  yep.  okay, yeah.  I need to let you go, I love you”  Me thinks he was talking to his wife 😉

“are you okay?” “Yeah!”  “you paid, what?  Six dollars?”

“anyways, moral of the story…hehehe”

“Like, I don’t see a resemblance at all…well, maybe the nose…maybe”

“He gonna party like it Nineteen Ninety Nine, hahaha”

“When we all get here on the 15th, we’re all gonna need my bottle of excedrin, and I know we won’t have enough”

“May I have your attention please.  An emergency has been reported in the building.  While this is being verified, please stand by for further instructions” complete with loud emergency siren and flashing strobes, egads.  Night cleaners and construction workers carry on like it’s unimportant.  I’ve been standing by and haven’t been given any further instructions, so I am assuming we are not being bombed or burning down.  It would be nice for them to say “this is a test” if that’s all it was.