Shake it off

I am so proud of my adult kids, and the job they are doing as parents.  Between them, they have three little girls, and to have them altogether in one place is truly a joy.  They have a little ritual for boo-boos.  If one of them should fall down or otherwise hurt themselves, they will come to Momma or Daddy (or Grammy, *SMILE*) and say “owie”.  They want a kiss, and as soon as Momma or Daddy acknowledges their pain, and kisses it better, they will say “now shake it off”…at which point, these girls do the cutest little wiggle, and shake off the pain….then continue on to their play, or whatever it was they were involved in prior.

I love this little ritual, and find myself doing something similar in my prayers, taking the Lord my “owies”, hurts and offenses, and knowing that He hears and answers, I feel His affirmation, and his encouragement to “now, shake it off…put it away from you, I’ve got this.”