Virtual Ladies Retreat – You’re Invited

I need a retreat.

A full-blown, unplugged, leave the  house and all its stress and mess, meet with my sisters in Christ, take in God’s word for an entire weekend, pray, discern, laugh, and cry…ladies retreat.

But who can afford one anymore?  Retreats are for wealthy Christians.  What working class Christian can afford to flush $5oo into two quickly forgotten days?  Besides, I don’t know anyone here, really….even if I had that kind of money, I’m not sure I’d pay it to cry in front of strangers.

We live an hour away from our church family, and circumstances being what they are at this point, have been unable to connect in person with our parish congregation.  Truth is, I’ve been far away from people I know and love “in real life” for going on three years now, I have become accustomed to relying on social media for keeping in touch, and in the process, I’ve found some really sweet facebook groups of Christian ladies and some sweet virtual fellowship here on the WWW.

On one of the groups, the topic of prayer books came up.  I didn’t realize there were so many, and we talked favorites and  recommendations.  I also explained about my “little book fettish”…of which I cannot resist, but never really know what to do with them when I get them…and my homemade prayer book.  While we were in Canada, I started filling one (that had previously been used for jotting down important numbers and information) in with my favorite prayers, verses, and things that I wanted to memorize (like the prayers of the rosary and special novenas, so I could recite them when I didn’t have a computer handy).

This particular conversation set me on an idea to have a Virtual Ladies Retreat here at New Things.  I’m working on a devotional on prayer and will be sharing some of my favorite prayers in verse, as well as linking to some other wonderful articles on prayer and unity.  I would love to see New Things comments filled up with fellowship and personal testimonies about the work of the Lord in your lives.

What ladies retreat would be complete without a craft project?  I’ll show you my homemade prayer book and start on another one.  So, join me, would ya? 

I’ll start the retreat on Friday, August 9, and will wrap it all up on Sunday, the 11th. 

Grab your empty journal and artsy supplies and bring your best ideas to share…it’s been way too long since I’ve had a retreat…the best part, it’s FREE (unless you are like me and have to go buy a new book for the occasion, then, the total cost of the retreat is spare change and a little bit of time out of your weekend routine).