Is There an App For That?

I’ve been MIA for a few days, but I’m back.  Had a lovely visit with two of my daughters and three of my grandbabies.  Eleven hours drive is a long trip for such a short visit, but it was worth it, and I’m so glad we were able to do it.  I miss them so much, though…thinking about how to get there again soon.

Upon returning, God blessed me with a smart phone.  It wasn’t something I even asked Him for, but I’m finding many answers to other prayers all wrapped up in a tiny little device that is apparently and obviously much smarter than myself…I can see I’m going to have a blast…once I figure it all out.

Apparently, I also have a camera (Woot!) and a wordpress app that lets me post directly to my blog from wherever I find myself!  I’m actually wearying of wading through all the apps to find ones that will benefit me, there is just so much!  Facebook has an app, there’s a dictionary app, Bible study tools, weather widgets, music apps…you name it, they’ve got it.  I know this is probably old news to most of my readers, and I’m opening myself wide open for sweet condescending heart blessings, but I can’t help it, I really am excited about the possibilities this new little toy brings.

My husband informed me of an app that has the daily Mass readings, saint of the day, liturgy of the hours, and even a virtual rosary.  I’ve tried praying the rosary from memory, and am just not able to stay focused long enough to learn all the parts, let alone meditate on something while I’m reciting it.  I am so excited to have this little tool to aid me in my prayer and devotion time.

For as smart as this phone is, I still haven’t found an app for wisdom, or common sense, or true love.  There’s no app to measure commitment, or family bonding, or quality time.  You are personally responsible for delivering those apps, and to do so, you have to turn the darn machine off, and re-learn how to make eye contact and meaningful conversation.  Hug somebody, and whisper words of affirmation and validation in their ears.  Sing.  Listen to the conversation around you, or the sounds of nature.  Whistle while you work, go for a walk.  Don’t forget to LIVE and breathe…no smartphone can do those things for you,

2 comments on “Is There an App For That?

  1. Laudate is the app that I use for nearly everything – Liturgy of the Hours, the Missal, order of Mass, rosary & chaplets, stations, several Bibles, and a direct link to the Vatican documents. If this isn’t the one that Kevin told you about, it is the one that you need!! And I love my rosary audio… is so calming and easy to use (I’m with you, memorizing the order & prayers of the Rosary is difficult for me). The last app I would highly recommend is Relevant Radio (you can also listen on your computer) – great Catholic programming. So glad you were blessed with such a useful tool; however, I agree so much with your last paragraph – nothing can take the place of a hug, a face-to-face conversation, or a smile from a friend when you are feeling down (not to mention common sense!!). Your insight is spot-on! God bless you and your family.

  2. Yes, Cindy! It’s Laudate, and I am LOVING it. Going to check out the relevant radio next, thanks for the recommendation and your loving words! God bless you and yours today as you have blessed me 🙂

    ❤ Lyn

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