Thoughts on quiet time/devotions

Luke 5:16 reads, “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” 

This is so necessary in the life of a Christian.  Often we are so busy, and surrounded by so much noise that we cannot hear God’s voice.

Now, I am, by nature, a social being.  I like to be around people, I don’t usually like my own company…or haven’t learned to fully appreciate it yet…I like talking, and laughing, and interacting.  While I agree, that it’s biblical and wise to pull away sometimes from the noise of the crowd to hear what the Lord wants to say to us,  it does not come naturally for me, and I struggle to make it habit in my own personal life.  Over the past three years, I have often found myself in lonely circumstances that the Lord has graciously used to speak rich truths to my heart that I would not otherwise have heard.

I wonder if that would have been completely necessary if I had developed the habit of withdrawing myself away first?  Hmmmm.

I was amazed at the clarity of my own thought process during my retreat time.  I didn’t completely pull away from everything, but I was able to carve out some extensive quiet time to read and study and listen for God’s voice.  I’m thinking I might have to make this a regular practice and have started thinking about ways to accomplish this on a daily basis.

Do you have a regular daily quiet time?  What does it look like?  I need some inspiration…Inspire me!