Forgetting former things

formerFall is on it’s way!!!  It is my favorite time of year, the weather cools down, buses run, and autumn colors begin to appear along the roadsides.  Change is in the air, I can feel it.

When I homeschooled my children, this was the time of year that we as a family would re-group and refocus our attention at home.  Summer was fun, and we enjoyed the long days playing hard in the sun.  We made some wonderful memories with friends, but now, there’s work to do at home.  Meal planning, school books, and schedules replaced the happy-go-lucky days of summertime.  My kids are all grown and graduated now, but I still feel this need inside me to pull away from the busy-ness and carefree days of summer and hunker down with a renewed focus at home.

I’ve been working to develop the gifts that God has given to me as well as organize my prayer life,  It seems that just when I get the desire to do this, distractions are thrown at me from left and right.  I am sensing a real spiritual battle in this area specifically, and it only serves to turn my attentions to the One who gives me strength, dig in my heels and strengthen my resolve.  The enemy is pulling out all the stops, but God has already won the victory. Yes?

Facebook seems to take up most of my time, and I’m in the process of changing the way I use my social media.  Because I cherish it for the sake of keeping up with my family, and especially growing grandchildren, I don’t feel it necessary to completely eliminate it, but I am reorganizing my notifications and friends lists.  My personal facebook page will become more private, content posted publicly on my NewThings fan page will be more carefully selected, and the amount of time I spend in groups, and online in general will be limited greatly.  I appreciate your prayers as the “housecleaning” commences.

Things they are a-changin’.