Dear Momma

You’ve been gone 7.5 years now, but it still seems like yesterday to me.  I have not completely recovered from the loss of your voice on the other end of the phone, or your sweet notes in the mail, or your hugs and reassuring words.  There are days that I ache to hear you chide me with Romans 8:28…”Lyn, we KNOW that ALL THINGS work together for the good of those who love Him and are called to His purpose…and that means you, honey!”

Nothing seemed to shake you, Mom. When your young granddaughter broached the subject of death with you, you didn’t even flinch…you spoke of that day with a sense of assurance and hope in your voice, that drove the fear away from a little girl’s heart.  You couldn’t have known that she would need that bold example in days to come, but God did, and since your heart was set on Him, He filled you to overflowing with His love and grace.  It was a natural consequence, then, that the hope you had would spill out onto others when you spoke, because from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Even in your suffering, you smiled, and trusted God, and looked for your reward with Him.  While your earthly body was dying, folks would come in to cheer you up, and they would leave in tears, being the ones blessed by your example of strength and peace.

I like to think of you and dad and Kevin’s Mom, sitting together with Joseph and Momma Mary, talking about your kids, and praying together for us.  It helps me to know that you were a prayer warrior here, and now that you have seen Jesus, you have perspective, and can pray with knowledge, and I believe you do.

Pray for us tonight, Momma, and I’ll remember your whispered reassurance; “He makes ALL things work together for us who love Him, and are called to His purpose…and that means YOU”.

I love you, and I miss you tons.