Go To The Funeral

My friend, Kat has some great thoughts this morning…I had to share!
I think I have a new catchphrase to pass on to my kids and grandkids.

We did not have many opportunities growing up to attend funerals, really, we were quite protected. I can count on one hand the number I attended before becoming an adult. As an adult, I have a sense of responsibility to my friends to support them through their grief,
Seriously…read it. It’s so good!!!

To Talk of Many Things

From an article by Deirdre Sullivan.



Deirdre Sullivan grew up in Syracuse, N.Y., and traveled the world working odd jobs before attending law school at Northwestern University. She’s now a freelance attorney living in Brooklyn. Sullivan says her father’s greatest gift to her and her family was how he ushered them through the process of his death.

The first time he said it directly to me, I was 16 and trying to get out of going to calling hours for Miss Emerson, my old fifth grade math teacher. I did not want to go. My father was unequivocal. “Dee,” he said, “you’re going. Always go to the funeral. Do it for the family.”

So my dad waited outside while I went in. It was worse than I thought it would be: I was the only kid there. When the condolence line deposited me in front of Miss Emerson’s…

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