9 comments on “Good morning, Lord!

  1. Just love your art work. And how awesome that you keep it simple by using plain ‘ole filler paper. Too cool and just love it! You’ve certainly got a creative and colorful talent!!! I used to save color pencils and crayons to one day make drawings as beautiful as these. But it never happened and I gave all of my art supplies away. Good for you for blessing us with your God-given gift!

    • Hey, thanks!

      Ya know, it started out as a simple desire to add some color to my blog without using someone else’s stuff. When my youngest moved away from home, I was left with a lot of time on my hands, and, well…God’s kinda just grown it from there.

      We struggle financially (who doesn’t, right?), but composition notebooks are inexpensive, and last a long time. I also sometimes use the mini composition notebooks, I hope to pass them on to my grandbabies as they grow, so I like to keep them simple and easy to understand. I played with the idea of getting unlined paper, but I’ve kinda grown to like the lines, and it’s easy for a clutterbug to keep them all contained and somewhat tidy.

      My husband keeps telling me I’m an artist, psssshhh…it’s just glorified doodling as far as I’m concerned. I’m glad you liked it, thanks for the sweet words.


      • Oh no, your drawings are definitely NOT just doodling. I myself used to be an aspiring artist (the reason for my having made a collection of art supplies – because yes, they ARE super-expensive), but had stopped it all entirely almost 18 yrs ago. I treasure my past drawings, that I had wanted to one day, keep it simple, by drawing with just crayons. Because my Mom had never bought me coloring books when I was young, even now, I just love them! (and stickers too!) Great thinking on how much more easily filler-lined papers can be easily stored! (filed)

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