Finding My Center – aka that “B” word, “balance”

I’m being pruned.  Again.

We are down to one working computer between us.  Hubs’ computer just breathed its last yesterday, before we could even call for last rites, may it rest in peace.

My laptop was christened in May when I turned my back for two seconds and Grammie Reward #3 bathed it in milk from her sippy cup.  My bad, I know better than to leave it unattended within reach, but I did it anyhow…It is not completely dead, but I don’t have the $$$ to fix it at this point.

That leaves us with the laptop that the girls used while they were home…and between sharing it with hubs, and its numerous glitches, getting on and getting stuff done is pretty much hit and miss.  Last week, every time I went to post on my facebook page, it would crash, have to be restarted, and even then would not connect to the internet.  So, I got some praying, and reading, and drawing done…oh…and finished out Army Wives to the end of last season, lol.

Anyhow, while hubs had the computer yesterday, I was thinking about balance—or rather, my lack thereof.  I was remembering how we are 3 part beings, (consisting of body, soul and spirit), and how each part needs to be nourished and cared for.  Sometimes, when we lose our center, one area is more cherished/cared for than the other(s), and we become unbalanced…okay, at least I become unbalanced.  I drew up a simple diagram to illustrate and prayed for help as I attempt to come up with a plan to restore that balance.  It’s three circles, overlapping one another.

Body-that which makes up our physical being, our flesh and blood, the earthly tent that houses our soul and spirit.  In this circle, I wrote serve, give, eat right, rest, exercise, laughter, hygiene, and clean home.

Soul- that which makes up our intellect, will, and emotions…the Bible calls this the heart…I see it also as the area where my psycho-social (no comments from the peanut gallery!) needs are met.  In this circle, I wrote read, write, serve, worship, doodle, conversation, telephone/social media,

Spirit-that which lives forever, the part of us that is created to live forever…the real, eternal, me that possesses the other two parts.  In this circle, I wrote attend Mass, pray, memorize scripture, listen to Bible teaching,

The everyday choices that I make will feed one or more of these parts of me…some of my choices will feed all three parts, as seen in my illustration where the circles overlap.  For example, reading and blogging are good for both my soul and my spirit, providing I’m filling them with Philippians 4:8 approved reading and writing.  In fact, I find that my writing (as well as my conversation) is directly linked to how I am allowing myself to think.  Funny how that works.  A clean body and home benefits both my physical body and my soul.  I seem to find my center (or feel my best)  when I am in prayer, worship, and service.  I am best able to do this, when my priorities are straight, and I’m paying the necessary attention to my body, soul, and spirit.  In a nutshell, for me, this is balance.

When Philippians 4:8 content fills my mind, and I think on those things, my spirit is healthy, and I can more easily walk by faith.  When troubles and regrets crowd my mind, and I find myself worrying, my spirit suffers, as does the rest of me.  I might not sleep well, or be able to concentrate, I might skip my Bible reading or prayer time in order to sleep in, and my soul suffers…my will is not strong enough to persevere, because I haven’t fed it properly.  It’s easy for me to skip meals altogether, or eat the wrong things, and my body suffers…which affects my emotions and will, and it all becomes a vicious cycle.  See how that works?  All three parts need to be nurtured and cared for in order to benefit the whole person.