What I’ve been up to in my spare time


wpid-IMG_20131119_152848.jpgMade my own daily and weekly dockets…laminated and ready to use…now need to find good wipe off markers.  You like?

I”ve used a planner on and off since I was a young Momma, but have never found one that really suits me.  I was looking again online the other day and saw how several people had made their own, and I thought “My gosh…I could do that!”  So…here they are.  Because I hate to buy things to throw away, I laminated daily on one side, weekly on the flip side.  I’ll purchase a generic monthly calendar, if I can find one that starts with Sunday…if not,,,maybe Ill make a matching one for my set.

11 comments on “What I’ve been up to in my spare time

  1. What is this thing you speak of: “spare time”
    I have heard of it . . .

    Nice idea, though, to use the dry erase board . . . my son uses a big blotter, I stick with my own “external brain”–a large regular calendar with enough room to write in those little boxes. Your custom way is so much nicer.

    • Spare time is a perk in this wonderful new season in which I’m finding myself lately. Afrwe grandma’s play, kisses and cuddled…and before they wake to start again.

      My only concern with the dry erase is this I haven’t found good fine tip erasable markers yet…so it looks a bit muddled.. which is purely aesthetic, I know

    • Welcome to New Things! Excellent idea, thanks! That has been the very downside of this idea, I can’t wait to purchase them and see how they work!

  2. I use a wet erase marker that way it won’t rub off even when the planner is closed. You can find them at staples in multiple colors too. 🙂

  3. Hi Lyn,
    I just love your blog. It is so pretty. What a great idea you have about the “to do” sheets you made up. And laminating then is great too so you don’t have to waste paper.
    Thanks for following my blog.

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