Pocket Momma

“Hang on, Mom, I’m gonna put you in my pocket so I can order my coffee”.

Daughter #2 lives 2500 miles away, and we stay connected through technology…today it was cell service.  I know what she meant…to hold on because she needed both hands, and would be putting her cell in her pocket for a minute. I laughed at the mental image my daughter’s words created in my mind’s eye, then was overwhelmed with the brainstorm that erupted afterward. How I would love to be able to be carried around in her pocket, and pulled out when needed.

“Pocket Momma”.

I told her that would be a great name for a blog, and momentarily considered starting a second blog, just so I could use the name.


I think it might have been temporary insanity.  Like I don’t have enough to do already, keeping up with one blog…and it’s facebook page…preparing for yet another move…followed by job hunting…yup…definitely (thankfully) very temporary insanity.

After coming to my senses, I’ve decided instead to just add a new category to New Things come the New Year.  In this category, I’ll blog about my own mother’s words of wisdom, things I quipped to my children when they were growing, things I wish I’d have told them, and all the things that come to me now when my adult children call for advice, or comfort, or just to hear me talk…this way, they can put me in their pocket, so to speak, and carry me with them.   I’ll also keep favorite family recipes and traditions, homemaking and parenting tips and fun memories here.  You’ll get a little bit of a peek into my fun, quirky family, and hopefully meet some of them in the comments section. (*HINT*HINT*)


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