An Update of sorts

After a period of nothing but time on my hands, blogging has been put on the back burner due to an increase in activity using up the once “extra” time on my hands.  Between job hunting, baby chasing, catching up with my oldest daughter and her husband who I had not seen for three + years, my youngest daughter and her new busy work schedule, and fighting off the crud for the second time this season, I haven’t even had time and mental capacity to read through my blogroll, much less write.  I know this is a new season (again), and I am grateful for it.  I am also mindful that it will take some time to find my footing again, and fit in everything that needs to be done.
I am also minus a scanner at this time, since the one I had used stayed in Alabama.  As a result, the pictures I post have a cheap camera phone appearance, for obvious reasons.  I go back and forth whether or not to post them that way, I’m leaning toward the “not” until I have access to a scanner.  Again, I am aware that this is only a season, and when the Good Lord sees fit, I’ll be scanning and posting again.

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration, great food, awesome company, and lots and lots of wide-eyed excitement.  It’s so fun to watch babies experience the wonder of this time.  My children outdid themselves in blessing others, and that is always fun to watch.  The busy-ness does not end for us after the Christmas day celebration.

Prayers are always appreciated for us, specifically, these:

  • Granddaughter will be having a heart catheter surgery tomorrow.  She was born with a heart defect that left her with only one working lung, so surgeries and doctor visits are her “normal” routine.
  • Husband and I are both seeking employment.  We have one car between us, and a huge metroplex of possibility.  We rest in the knowledge that God is bigger than the metroplex, and can handle car schedules.
  • As soon as we are gainfully employed, we will be looking for our own residence.  Our daughter has kindly and so graciously accommodated us thus far, and for this we are so thankful, but really, she needs her house back.

I hope to be posting occasionally.  At least for now, I am not feeling led to quit blogging altogether, so, you’re stuck with me at least to that extent, haha.