balanceThis word, how I wish for it, and chase it, and fail at it.  I call it the “b” word, because it is the nasty word that always springs up when I feel like I have lost it.  I’ve been thinking of this “b” word a lot lately, as I have time to think and plan, and dream.  I came up with an acronym for it, as a follower of Christ, I see “balance” being defined as the Beautiful Arrangement (of) Life Activities, Necessary Commitments, (and) Emotions.  It is the ability to arrange, prioritize, and joyfully accomplish the Lord’s calling and will for our lives.

In other words, if I’m happy at home, keep an immaculate house, have clothed and fed my family, but don’t follow through on the outside things I’ve committed to do, I’m imbalanced.  If I joyfully serve and busy myself with the Lord’s work, but neglect the needs of my family, I’m out of balance.   I can have the perfect plan, and can make it to all my appointments on time, but, if I’m out of control and angry all the time, I’ve lost that balance.  And it’s important to remember, that God has not called me to the same commitments to which he has called my sister, neighbor, daughter, or friend.  Comparing myself with them is an effort in futility, it will not get me where I need to be in accomplishing His will for my life.  My eyes need to stay on Him, for focus, balance and peace.

I would appreciate your prayers for the development of balance in my life…because this season of waiting is quickly coming to an end, and I’m going to need it!




8 comments on “Balance

  1. always a juggling act… prioritize is all you can do… what HAS to be done… work…pay bills…etc. …
    What you NEED to do…NOT what you think others WANT you to do…or ASK you to do…
    and WANT to do…LOVE to do… We have to have JOY in our life to round us out!

  2. THere’s so much wisdom in this post, Lyn. The balance brings so much peace of heart, and mind.
    It’s so hard sometime to figure out what God’s will is, let alone try to carry it out–and as you say, we are all called to different commitments . . . sometimes I wish He would be a bit more clear 🙂

    • I think He’s clear, he just doesn’t shout, lol. It is increasingly difficult to hear Him in this busy driven culture we live in. Obeying the Word, “be still and know”, is hard, when there are so many expectations for busy-ness, plus…the tv, radio, and even my own inner voice competes. I need to learn how to slow down and listen for that still small voice.

  3. I love this statement: “And it’s important to remember, that God has not called me to the same commitments to which he has called my sister, neighbor, daughter, or friend.”
    Very true! I often find myself down when I look around me and see others’ accomplishments and their haves/belongings/homes, etc. Yup, we need to keep our eyes on Him and will be encouraged that He has a plan for our life and a direction in which we’re supposed to be going.
    I know what you mean about balance. I keep putting off my latest paper that was due and before I knew it, it was late. It was a struggle to focus on and I was frustrated. And then when I think about tax time being around the corner too, ugh. Will pray for you to have more balance in your life also!

    • SF, I have thought that someday I’d like to return to school, and ideally, I think I could do it…but I am afraid I’d be the same way with those papers, so many distractions of things I’d rather spend my time on than completing an assignment!

      I have to remind myself OFTEN that God does all things well, and He is at work…in my life, activities, commitments, and desires…and He does all things well, but He isn’t finished yet…it’s a process, and not one that I can compare with my sister, neighbor, daughter, or friend’s. Not without some serious angst anyhow, and why bring that on myself?

      I was talking to my brother yesterday, and we got on the subject of peace. The Bible says that the Lord gives perfect peace to the person whose mind is stayed on Him. If we don’t have peace, we are not stayed on (focused on, dependent on) the Lord Himself. The test is the same as it was for Peter…whether we’re walking on water, or sinking. Right?

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