Lean a Little Closer

Lean a little closer, Lord – I can’t hear what you’re saying;
My ears are open to your voice, as I continue praying.
Lean a little closer, Lord, and tell me what to do;
I’m trying to wait patiently to hear a word from You.
Lean a little closer, Lord, I want to know your will,
But how can I step out in faith when my life is standing still?

Draw a little nearer, Child.” He answered quietly;
I’ll lean closer down to You, as you draw near to me.
Come nearer now, my daughter, and I’ll show you my plan;
If you want to know my ways, walk with me, hand-in-hand.
Draw a little nearer, Child, He repeated tenderly;
You can’t step out in your faith, ’til you learn to lean on Me.

God gave me this verse when I was a young Momma, living in Texas, far away from family and anything familiar for the first time.  I was a slow learner at sitting still and drawing near to the heart of God.  There was so much I didn’t know, so much I was wrongly taught, so much I wish I could go back and educate my young self on.  But one thing I knew, and the Lord affirmed it when He inspired these words, I knew that if I was feeling far from God, it wasn’t Him that moved.  In my immaturity, I expected Him to chase me, scoop me up and draw me to Himself, and ya know, maybe He does that with some people, but not with me.    Always the gentleman, He continued to wait until I was ready to follow Him, since He was the Lord, and I the servant.  And while He waited patiently, He continued to speak quiet little affirmations to my heart, promising to come to me, to show me great and mighty things, to teach me His ways, and to support me.

That was over 20 years ago, and I’ve found Him to be faithful and true.  I just need to recognize His presence in my everyday life.  Brother Laurence lived over 400 years ago, and wrote a timeless classic called “Practicing the Presence of God”.  You actually can read it online for free, and I encourage you to do so. There is a deep, rich assurance that comes to me in the simplicity of the knowledge that Jesus is present with me;  I find His presence empowering me with a quiet strength, and confidence whether I be in a trial, or working in the mundane affairs of what has become my life today.  He is like a dear friend that doesn’t always require conversation, but with whom we can still experience a close connection, just enjoying His company.