Good Judgment

good judgment

True story.

Experience is the best teacher, but we don’t have to learn by personal failure.  Wisdom teaches us to watch the experiences of others, and make sound judgment calls from their failings.  Watch for pitfalls, walk around them, not through them.  Be wise.  Listen to sound doctrine.  Watch and learn from the successes of others, imitate wise behavior, avoid foolishness.  Good judgment.  Get it.

7 comments on “Good Judgment

  1. I liked it a lot. Kind of circular, but very wise. The circularity of it brings to mind Blessed Mother Theresa’s comment about God not asking us to succeed, only to try.

    • Yes, Kat. Puts me in mind also of Romans 8:28, and how God makes all things work together for good for us who love Him and are called to His purpose. Even our bad judgment can work out for own good. My sister introduced me to a simple prayer that she prays in reference to her child-raising days…”Lord, clean up after me”. And He does. He does.

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