Christian Feminism

There is a really cool discourse going on in the blogosphere.  Not sure where it started exactly, but Matt Walsh contends that feminism is not a friend of the Christian woman.

I usually like Matt Walsh, and most of the stuff I’ve read of his has resonated deep within me, in a positive way.  This one, not so much.  I forgive him, though…and haven’t given up on him.

My friend, Susan Thomas over at the Write Journey has beautifully articulated a most gracious, well researched and documented, eloquent response.  Check it out and join in the conversation.  Tell her Lyn at New Things sent you.


Be it unto me

April 2:

Remember my new year’s resolution?  Well, maybe not resolution, but my word for the new year, “surrender”.  I just keep learning more and more about it, and today, 1/4 way through the year, opportunity for practical application appeared in the form of physical stress that brought on a full-blown grand mall seizure, as I was on setting out on my trip to return to Texas.  I’ve had a seizure disorder since I was a pre-teen, and though my episodes are sporadic, they do seem to follow a pattern of sorts.

God is so good, through all of our hardships.  On the way to the airport, my son put in a teaching cd on the topic of God’s grace.  Fr. Thomas Richter gave a wonderful talk about trusting in the Lord, and many of his points caused me to reflect on my own need to trust in God and surrender to His will for my life;  Specifically, how his grace is imparted to us in the places and times when we are most powerless

The classroom of dependence is the holiest place in my life.  If I learn how to trust in the Lord, is either the holiest place or the place that drives me to insanity, depending on how I choose to react to it; either trusting in God to provide, and receiving that provision, depending on His providence, or trying to get rid of it, or trying to be self-reliant through it.


Luke  15:29-31

John 5:19,30

Matt 14:22-33

April 20:

I do not have any recollection of writing this, nor do I understand where (if anywhere) I was headed with it, so I’ll leave it as it is.  Maybe I meant to click publish and forgot…I am not completely with it for a few days after a GMS, to be honest, I’m surprised at the coherence of my thought above, since it looks like it was that same evening that I wrote it.






Maybe it’s Maybeline?

Excellent insight!

Dyslexic Chic

Lost, but searching

How could this be?

Never good enough for a magazine

Maybe it’s my self-esteem,

Or maybe it’s Maybeline?

We’ve prodded, poked,

taken and sewn

Yet some how I’m not perfect

Maybe I’ve just not done enough,

Or maybe it’s Maybeline?

“Enhance you natural beauty,”

“Add to your perfect glow,”

“This will only hurt a bit,”

” and hold still for just a moment”

How come their lies are still alive

And turning pretty to plastic?

How come nobody told me?

How come no one spoke up?

Maybe it’s a little lie,

or maybe this is Maybeline?

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