Life Update

I was reminded this week that I have not updated you all on my life!

After a long, frustrating job search, and more lessons in waiting, the Lord lavishly provided a wonderful opening in my husband’s job field.  This job came with a significant increase in the pay that he had come to expect, working a shift that fits his ideal schedule and doesn’t require my night-owl to be an early bird.  I love how God took care of that detail!  Thank you so much for all your prayers!

My daughter graciously allowed us to stay with her until we started getting paychecks.  We then lived in an extended stay hotel until we had enough saved back to pay security and utility deposits on a sweet little apartment closer to his workplace.  In the middle of all that, my second daughter got married, and God graciously provided a way for me to attend with our youngest daughter.  At this point, I had ceased looking for a job, thinking I would resume when I returned from Idaho.  Well.  God had other plans, I guess.

Anyway, my husband took charge of apartment hunting and got us all moved in.  It’s been slow and steady replacing our furniture, but it’s coming together nicely.  Wanna take a sneak peak?

new furniture 1 new furniture 2
It’s not a lot, but we have everything we need.  Two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  This is a special perk for our teenaged daughter who still resides with us.

Little by little, we’re returning to some semblance of “normal”, whatever that is.  It is nice to have money coming in on a regular basis, and my inability to find work within walking distance has allowed me to be present for my daughter when she needs someone to sit with babies, or just wants to come and visit me.  My eyes are still open for a position that does not require a driver’s license and the ability to drive, since after a seizure, I wait for a year before putting myself behind the wheel.  God is good.  He still provides everything we need, and teaches us to know the difference between a want and a need.

I am blessed.