Finding the Name of the REAL Artist

This wonderful painting makes me want to be an art collector. My heart just wells up with love and appreciation for the times that I have sunk into despair, and the hand of Jesus has delivered me, pulling me up and out of my storm, and granted me the grace of learning to walk with Him on the waters of the tempest.

joy of nine9

This stunning painting has garnered many inquiries. I stumbled on it on Pinterest  where it was entitled ” What Jesus Did for Me” by  Yongkim Kim. Many people, churches and websites asked how to contact the artist but I couldn’t discover anything. However a diligent reader called Amanda discovered the artists true identity, Yongsung Kim.To contact the artist directly, email . Amanada says that “I did a search, and I’m emailing the artist, too!! ”

Did you notice that Jesus is standing in the water, reaching down beneath the surface. Perhaps he is extending a hand to the drowning Peter?

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