The Pit

I’d seen this place before, but this time, instead of enjoying the companions of Peace, Joy, Love and Truth, my surly companions were Sorrow, Angst, and Fear.  They brought along a whole slew of their friends too, making it quite the party.  Bitterness and Revenge drew close by me, and consoled me with memories of Regret and Pity;  I am well acquainted with both, and enjoyed slow dancing to their musical choices, as they consoled my self-esteem and pride.  I was overjoyed to see that Sarcasm had joined them, and we had some really good laughs together.

Despite Sarcasm’s laughter and my intoxication with Sorrow’s tears, I only felt more miserable.  I searched in vain for Peace and her companions.   I thought about leaving the party to seek them out, and hang with them instead, but while I was looking for my coat, the stage lights went on, and Vindication called the group to attention for a toast.  I was the guest of honor, how could I skip this part?  Angst and Fear guarded the door of this party, and prevented Strength and Resolve from entering.  These obnoxious bullies interrupted often, and overpowered my conversations with their scary stories and “what if” scenarios.  For some reason, the only two I’ve ever seen successfully shut them up is Love and Truth, neither of whom I couldn’t find anywhere.  How I missed Joy, and longed for the perspective of Love and Truth.  When I inquired after them, I learned that they had long been cast out by this group, and unwelcome.  They didn’t “fit” here, since they couldn’t find anything negative to say, and further irritated everyone else by always looking for the good in the situation.

Hatred and Loathing embraced me, and before I knew it, I found myself alone with them in a deep pit of depression.  Reason called from above, but I could barely hear her above the numbing sound of Sorrow’s sweet whispers.  I snuggled up between envy and discontent and cried myself to sleep.

I woke up to Wisdom’s quiet whisper.  “Are you happy here?”

For a moment, I thought it was Sarcasm…it was almost in her tone…but…gentler, somehow.

I rubbed my eyes and tried to make them focus, but it was too dark.

“I can’t see…who are you?”

“I am Wisdom.  I am here with Reason and Truth.  We have been trying to reach you, but you were hiding behind Fear and Angst, and couldn’t see us.”

“I looked for you…and for Love and Joy and the others…they told me you were not welcome and they sent you away.”

“It’s true, we were not welcome, but we didn’t leave.  We tried to get close to you so that you could hear us, but you were surrounded with the voices of our enemies.”

As we talked, the darkness began to soften into a warm glow of the rising sun.  I reacquainted myself with the company of Reason and Truth, and Love began to fill in the gaps with her presence.  They allowed Sorrow to remain, but restricted her presence to the accompaniment of Accountability.




3 comments on “The Pit

  1. Oh, this is such a familiar party, and the invitation can be all too tempting. Once there, it becomes difficult to leave. Sometimes, the best thing to do is stop the struggle and surrender to tears. On our knees is where He most quickly rescues us and lifts us up again.

    You’ve written this beautifully; the struggle we all face.

    • it off long enough to process it and receive absolution, lol. Surrender was my word for 2014, and when I needed it most, it slipped my mind, how frustrating.

      Welcome to New Things…you got here at an interesting time, I hope I don’t scare you away with my negativity, lol. Headed over to your place to read your part 2 about you. Much love, Lyn

      • WEIRD…half of my comment got cut off…sorry, Susan. I think I said “Thank you, Susan, there have been plenty of tears, I wish I could learn how to turn it off long enough to process it and receive absolution….

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