Common Sense – doing good

common sense 1

Common sense is not so common these days.  I would like to be part of changing that, and making common sense available, and attainable.

This first truth packs a real punch of freedom and serenity for me.  I can’t do it all, and I was never expected to.  When I watch the news, and I see the immense poverty, unrest, and lack of peace, I can get overwhelmed.  Something needs to be done, but what can I do?

I pray.

I can do that.

And when I see my neighbor in need, or burdened…I find a place where I can help.  I’m nobody special because of it, but I’ve been on the receiving end of being helped and blessed, it’s nice to be on this side and have an opportunity to pay it forward.

I can serve.  I can encourage.

I can do that.

When I see the mountain of laundry, and the sink full of dishes, the unmade bed, and the bathroom tub that needs a scrubbing, it can be overwhelming, and when I’m overwhelmed, it’s easy for me to give up and continue to let it accumulate.  I’ve found a secret here.  It didn’t get that way in fifteen minutes, and it won’t be cleaned up in that time either.  I pick a spot, and go to work.  I know that I will eventually get to the other, but for now, I just work in this one spot until finished, then I can move to the next thing.

I do the next thing.

I can do that.

Like eating an elephant.  One bite at a time.