Birth Pangs

Momma Mary, when the angel Gabriel came to you, you had a choice.  You could have chosen the easy road, the one inside your comfort zone, without scornful judgment, without painful loss.  You received him, willingly, and graciously into your own body and soul. You carried our Lord Jesus to full term as you journeyed far with him growing and moving inside you.  It had to be painful at times, uncomfortable at least, but you carried on.  You birthed him into an animal stall, and made His bed in a food trough, a place where the sheep came to eat.

Thank you for saying “yes” to God’s wonderful plan.  Thank you for the gift of life that you gave to my Lord and Savior.  Thank you for your complete surrender to God and for a worthy example of a woman after God’s own heart.  Thank you for carrying the Bread of Life, who gave Himself for me.  Thank you for your participation in God’s wonderful plan of salvation.

As a Christian, we also have chosen to carry our Lord Jesus on our journey.  His presence is growing and moving inside our spirits, causing discomfort and pain at times.  Those around us may not understand our gentleness and protective nature of the gift of life that we carry inside us; they may look on our devotion and zeal as a distraction from their own preconceived notions of what a personal relationship with Jesus looks like to their understanding and way of thinking.  We should not be dismayed at the difficulties and judgment, nor should we give up when we feel discomfort, pain and loss, or faint at their disapproval and limited understanding.  We must carry on.

And as we carry Him, we know that He also carries us. We find ourselves in Him, and carry on.

Common Sense – Less of me

common sense 2

This is the perfect reminder for me, at a perfect time.  I love how God does that.

Have you ever been misread?  Misheard?  Misunderstood?  What is it about being wrongly accused that makes me wince from the pain, doubled over like I’ve been slugged in the gut?


…and not just any pride, but the spiritual kind…the kind that envisions myself in a very different light than what others are perceiving in me…and it hurts…my pride…to think that I am not all that, like I thought I might have been…like I was trying to be.

And the funny thing is, I’m usually more thick-skinned than that.  Criticism usually just rolls off, but this time, it hurt me…to think that I was not showing Jesus to others.

I was in Mass on Sunday, and I was pouring out my heart to God.  How I desire for Jesus to live in and through me.  It is my deepest longing to show Jesus to others by my choices, my attitude, my heart-cries.

Lord, I want you to be in me, and shine through me, so that others will see you…and it humbles me to hear that is not the case.

Wanna know what He said to me?  I heard him, plain as day:

Find yourself in Me, Lyn.  

Focus on remaining in Me, and let me worry about who I reveal myself to.


I was so worried about showing Jesus to others, I had missed the point that I cannot bear any fruit, unless I am found in Him.

It’s not about what others see, it’s all about being FOUND in Him…by Him…for His glory, not my own.

I can’t tell you how freeing this thought has been for me.

Lord, let me be found in You.  Reveal your will to me, and welcome me into the life beat of Your heart.  Empty me of my spiritual pride, and fill me with Your Holy Presence.  Give me Your thoughts, guide me in Your paths, teach me Your ways.