Common Sense – Less of me

common sense 2

This is the perfect reminder for me, at a perfect time.  I love how God does that.

Have you ever been misread?  Misheard?  Misunderstood?  What is it about being wrongly accused that makes me wince from the pain, doubled over like I’ve been slugged in the gut?


…and not just any pride, but the spiritual kind…the kind that envisions myself in a very different light than what others are perceiving in me…and it hurts…my pride…to think that I am not all that, like I thought I might have been…like I was trying to be.

And the funny thing is, I’m usually more thick-skinned than that.  Criticism usually just rolls off, but this time, it hurt me…to think that I was not showing Jesus to others.

I was in Mass on Sunday, and I was pouring out my heart to God.  How I desire for Jesus to live in and through me.  It is my deepest longing to show Jesus to others by my choices, my attitude, my heart-cries.

Lord, I want you to be in me, and shine through me, so that others will see you…and it humbles me to hear that is not the case.

Wanna know what He said to me?  I heard him, plain as day:

Find yourself in Me, Lyn.  

Focus on remaining in Me, and let me worry about who I reveal myself to.


I was so worried about showing Jesus to others, I had missed the point that I cannot bear any fruit, unless I am found in Him.

It’s not about what others see, it’s all about being FOUND in Him…by Him…for His glory, not my own.

I can’t tell you how freeing this thought has been for me.

Lord, let me be found in You.  Reveal your will to me, and welcome me into the life beat of Your heart.  Empty me of my spiritual pride, and fill me with Your Holy Presence.  Give me Your thoughts, guide me in Your paths, teach me Your ways.

6 comments on “Common Sense – Less of me

  1. Okay Lyn, I really prayed before responding to this. I did not know if I should email or do it here, but I decided to do it here.

    Lyn, I do not know what caused all these thoughts inside of you but. . . Jesus shines through you in every word you say! I am sure in every deed as well. Now I want to offer some thought to you here.

    Jesus told you, “Let Him reveal Himself to whom He wants to.” There you have it. So what do we do in the meantime?

    We try to “be” Jesus to others. There is a big difference in “being Jesus” and “revealing Jesus.” Jesus can be the only One who can reveal Himself. Example: Jesus reveals Himself to me through your words. You do not reveal Him to me. He does it Himself, but you are the vessel to which He uses.

    Being Jesus: We are called to be “Christ-like.” Meaning: We are probably never going to make it 100%. Hence the word “like.” If we will get out our in our actions/words and be “Christ-like,” then Jesus again, will take us as the vessel and reveal Himself to whom He pleases.

    Now you were hurt. Okay, what did you do with that hurt? Did you do like me on my last post and “gossip” about it? I did, had to go to confession because of it. According to this post, you took it to Him. Which is what the Priest told me to do. He answered you and left no doubt as to what you and all of us are supposed to do.

    Lyn, Jesus Himself felt the same hurt you did with this matter, especially on the day of the Cross. He cried to God feeling hurt, alone, and abandoned by Him. Jesus did not want the “mistreatment” that was being given to Him. He cried to God to be delivered from it. All He wanted to do was God’s will, and it hung Him on the Cross. All He wanted to do was reveal God to others, and it hung Him on the Cross. The despair “He” felt we can never imagine. Right?

    You do the best you can in “being Jesus” to others. That is all we can do Lyn. He will take care of the rest. From I stand/sit, you do very well.

    That does not mean we do not fail, but Lyn we can unite all the feelings we have with the feelings Jesus had on the Cross, and we will be okay. God Bless, SR

  2. One other thing I wanted to mention Lyn and forgot and the Lord just reminded me. Remember the post I did about “Seeing the Image of God in Ourselves.” When you were feeling so despondent Lyn, that is the image of God within you, as Jesus felt the same way. God Bless, SR

    • Thank you, SR.

      I took my issue to Jesus, and to some trusted sisters for godly feedback. So far, I haven’t thought of it as gossip, and I have asked the Lord if that’s what it was, that he would let me know so I can fix it. I am at peace, both with the accusation and my standing with Him. I love the thought of seeing HIs image in me through this. I think that’s a much better way to describe the whole situation, that my spirit was wounded, that is, His Spirit in me. At the same time, I have continued to pray the Litany of Humility, and all that is contained in that request. “Deliver me, Lord…and grant me the grace to desire it”.

      Thank you again, for your kind words and defense of me. You have blessed my heart today.


  3. I do not believe at all what you did was “gossip.” Lyn, I was in the beauty shop, in a town where there are more horses then people! 🙂 How long do you think it spread around like wild fire???? No, what you did was exactly right and what I should have done. Just quit selling yourself so short, because you are very tall in my eyes and heart. Love you and God Bless, SR

  4. Thanks for a wonderful post that is deeply meaningful to me. If it’s okay with you, I think I will print it out for myself so that I can see it and remind myself of it’s wisdom. I struggle with this also sometimes, and my lifelong anxiety about what others are thinking of me–I am not so thick-skinned. I am past blaming all of my issues on my mother 🙂 but still it is hard to leave those early experiences behind and have wisdom move from head to heart, where the transformation is real and true. I really appreciate your insight as I journey along my path in life.

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