Insomniac Prayers

My Momma’s Daddy was a prayer warrior, and developed the habit of praying for his family, each one individually, including his children’s spouses, and their children, and their children’s children.  He confessed to my Mom in his later years that he often fell asleep mid prayer, but would just resume when he woke up, and finish as much as he could before falling asleep again.  I can totally understand as he had nine children, many who had large families themselves.  He was an example of perseverance in prayer, even in his drowsiness.

My Momma received this legacy and built on it.  She would list her children’s names, and their spouses, and our children’s names, and our children’s children, and even some of her grandchildren’s children…and she would pray through her list.

I find myself doing a combination of the two.  I’ve been working on my prayer journal, and will be posting pics as I continue to get it up and running, but I wanted to get these thoughts down, as the Lord gave me a beautiful treasure from Old Testament Scripture.  I suspect the prophet Jeremiah had similar habits, as he instructs:

“Arise, cry out in the night, at the beginning of the watches! Pour out your heart like water before thepresence of the Lord! Lift your hands to him for the lives of your children, who faint for hunger at the head of every street.  Jeremiah 2:19

6 comments on “Insomniac Prayers

  1. Your grandfather had set the example for your Mom and now you’ve continued this great, great tradition. Prayer warriors are those who fight behind the scenes, but not with weapons; instead, with the help of the One who controls everything.

    • Truth, SF. Thank you.

      Funny, seems as soon as I posted this, I got hit with BUSY.

      (You know what busy is, right? Being Under Satan’s Yoke) when we are too busy to pray, or sit quietly and listen to the voice of the Lord, we are TOO busy It was the holidays, but I also got hit with apathy at the same time. I needed to review this tonight, I needed a kick in the pants, lol. So, thank you.

      ❤ Lyn

  2. Reblogged this on untitled press and commented:
    A great reminder from Lyn of the power of prayer and especially for one’s family members. Praying over a child’s life is surely an exceedingly greater gift than any physical gift given.

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