More Prayer Journal

I had started showing you my prayer journal last year, and it’s been slow going, and it’s morphing and changing a bit, and lately, well, like this blog, it’s been a bit neglected…but I do have some things that I haven’t yet put here that you might be interested in…maybe.

On a good day, I follow the ACTS model of prayer, starting with Adoration.  I talked about that here and here.

Confession comes next in the original ACTS model, but I can’t just follow a model without making it mine, so I was compelled to add another C in before Confession, coming on the heels of Adoration (praising God for who He is, and loving Him for who He is, apart from His works which I get to later…), I thought it was an appropriate place to practice Consecration.  I found two beautiful prayers of consecration, and I may pray one or the other, or both.  I made special pages for them, as I find it is helpful to actually write out what I want to say, and as I’m tracing and doodling in the details, I found myself cementing that prayer in my mind and heart.  Now when I look at it, I have a familiarity with it that I don’t think I would have without the quiet time spent thinking on it, and mulling it over in my mind…writing, and reading, and saying it out loud…it’s a very Catholic concept, isn’t it?  To experience it fully with mind, soul and body.



Anyway, if you are interested, here’s what it looks like.  The two open up to make a full page spread in my prayer journal/planner.

It is worthy of noting, as a matter of observation in my own spiritual life, how much easier it is for me to keep my mind on track through the day after sincerely praying a prayer of consecration, giving my day, my body, mind, and duties all to the Lord, so that I remember first thing, that I am not my own, but I am His servant, and I choose to do what He asks me to do.

Have you made consecration part of your daily prayers?  I would love to discuss the impact that this has on your life.

I’ll post more as I get my thoughts corralled and coherent.

Blessings, Lyn