You have kept count of my tossings;
    put my tears in your bottle.
    Are they not in your record?  ~Psalm 56:8

picture snagged from pinterest

Image snagged from Pinterest.

Rose-Lynn Fisher compiled a beautiful photographic collection of microscopic tears.  One can only imagine the sorrow and pain she endured before the question formed in her mind of whether all tears looked the same under a microscope.  What a beautiful answer she received when she went looking for the answers.  I can imagine it was emotionally cathartic for her, whatever trials she had been through.  Then she didn’t stop there, but collected tears of other people to continue her collection and research.

I love that they are diverse.  That “joy tears” and “grief tears” look different, because we know they feel different when we shed them.  

I love that she included “onion tears”, you know, tears without emotion have GOT to be different than those from deep sorrow, pain, or happiness.  But I’d have never thought to ask, I’m so glad she did.

I love the thought of God collecting our tears, and putting them in a bottle…I wonder if maybe he has different bottles for different tears, for the purpose of looking at the beauty in them all.  

3 comments on “Tears

  1. I know! I would love to know more about this…like what is in those different kinds of tears that make them look different? Does sorrow have more water than joy? What about adrenaline and other hormones, do the presence of hormones change how a tear appears? I’d love to see side by side pics of her tears of joy with my own tears of joy, will they look similar? So many questions!!!

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