Can You Joke About Religion?

Saturday’s snickers brought to you today by Melanie over at Joy of Nine. Go check her out, she has so much more!

joy of nine9

We are free to even laugh and even enjoy religious humour  because people who are secure in their faith understand their Father in heaven chuckles along with them.

( Melanie’s Theology 101)

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2 comments on “Can You Joke About Religion?

  1. why not joke? I loved these–but to tell the truth, I can only joke about it with other believers, not with the atheists I work with and am surrounded by

  2. I think the difference is whether we are joking (laughing at ourselves) or mocking (laughing at God). I know some unbelievers who think they are the same thing, the first I can tolerate, and even join in…the second, not.

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