I love the way my prayer journal helps me stay on track in my prayers.  Unfortunately, it’s not going to work long term the way I envisioned it working, as it is filling up, and outgrowing its shell.  Simultaneously with my finding it necessary to simplify further, and thinking about its evolution, I was reminded of 1 Peter 5:7, Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.

I can’t get that first word out of my head.


The mental picture of casting off a heavy weight (reminiscent of Hebrews 12:1), or casting out a line with the hopes of a catch…I don’t know…it just seems appropriate to make that my new prayer tag…and after a quick check online, it appears NOBODY has thought of this yet.

Really, it’s still similar thoughts/prayers/insights, just rearranged, and with a catchy tagline from Sacred Scripture.

And so it continues, this evolution of my prayer journal…

These are my new tabs, more streamlined now, and much simpler


AND it will free up much of the second part of my binder.  The parts that require writing out my thoughts and collecting passages for memorization.  It’s funny, I’ve gone back and forth over whether I should use a bound journal or a three ring binder for my prayer journal…I think I may be using both, the ringed binder for the CAST part of my prayer time, and a composition notebook for the Application (where I journal what I hear in my Scripture reading time), and the Knowledge (the collection of passages that I am memorizing/have hidden in my heart.  I like the thought of having one of these notebooks per year and looking back over them without having to wade through the collected prayers from the first part.

Keep an eye out for more prayer journal posts coming up.  I’d like to post once a week

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